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Pumpkin Painting Party

Updated: Sep 26, 2021

To celebrate some fall fun, we had a friend over for some pumpkin painting this week.

Pumpkin Painting is a great alternative to carving for little ones. This would be such a fun activity for a play date, church group, or family gathering.

I found these white pumpkins (2 for $5 at HEB). I think orange pumpkins would work too but the white really helped the colors pop.

I covered our table with wrapping paper for painting protection.

We used sponge brushes (which are my favorite for toddlers) and normal kid washable paint.

I added in some fall “add the leaves” pages (which is simply me drawing a leafless tree on some paper with a black marker… nothing fancy here folks). As well as a paper sack to collect nature treasure outside as a follow up activity.

I hope this sparks some joy and creativity.

Happy Painting! Abby

*** Don’t forget… the Cirkles are cheering you on.


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