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Ryan’s Revelation, How I’ve Lost Over 30lbs, Favorite Toddler Shoe & more. #CirklesCheckIn #Fall2021

As of this Wednesday, September 22, it will officially be fall. Fall is my favorite time of the whole year. It feels festive without all the hustle, it's when Ryan and I started dating so it feels extra sentimental, and all the cinnamon makes me happy.

Here‘s a little peek into our world. Feel free to copy out method and journal your own Season Check-In.

1. Something I’m learning

2. Something I’m loving

3. Something I’m proud of

4. Something I’m looking forward to.

Ryan Something I'm Learning

In all the confusion God’s story is very simple. He is holy. He alone is God. He wants fellowship with you. He wants to be Father to you. No matter who you are you have one of two fathers. Father God is the better one. He’s never changed His standard, but through Jesus He made provision to live to that standard as His sons and daughters. Your life will reflect your Father. If you do not choose Jesus Christ as Lord you will reflect the god of this age. You’ll be bound by torment, addiction, confusion, which will grow into more of the same. Do not be surprised. If, by the grace of God, you are able to see Jesus for who He is, the Lord over everything, than you will receive the miracle of the better Father. With Him you aren’t alone, you have fellowship forever. Without Him, whether in triumphs, low places, high positions or earthly wisdom, you will find only loneliness, corruption, and death. If you choose Jesus, in all things you will know only life forever.

Side note : to those who have chosen Jesus as Lord please remember His sacrifice and your Father’s great holiness, and do not pretend his standard has any wise changed. Do not disrespect the precious blood of Jesus by making provision for or by celebrating things which make for enmity with God. Something I'm Loving - Waking up at 5am

- Laughing with my little girl

- Having Jesus talks with my son

- Holding my wife more

Something I'm Proud Of - Note above from what I’m learning

- the ministry staff and the ministry we get to serve in and their heart for Jesus. Their faith and patience is now being rewarded with harvest of promise. Something I'm Looking Forward To

- Daily following Jesus with some awesome young people who have sold out this world for the prize of Christ at Texas Bible Institute. - Celebrating my wife’s birthday in November in exciting ways. - Our 5th anniversary trip in December. - Praying more and seeing the power of God in my culture. - More cowboys wins than losses. Y’all put some prayer on it.

Abby Something I'm Learning The fear of the Lord is such a gift. There is deep holiness found in the boundary of “fear of the Lord”.

Something I'm Loving The Madame Chic series. It's easy reading, and exactly the sparkle of sophistication I need halfway through my day for a light nap time read. Jennifer L. Scott also has a lovely YouTube channel that gives you an essence of her style.

Something I'm Proud Of I've not only completed a year of breastfeeding, but I'm still going. Eleanor is just not ready to wean, and I'm following her lead. 8 out of the 12 months I had to change my diet totally dairy free, to help her gut heal from a dairy intolerance, and in the process I've lost over 30 pounds! (Chasing a toddler and carrying a baby also add to the weight loss journey I’m sure). Not that weight numbers matter, but it is really fun to say I'm back to "Wedding Weight" going into our 5th anniversary in December. Now, my body is completely different structurally, since having babies, but I can honestly say I feel better all around.

Something I'm Looking Forward To

- Our Church is hosting House of Prayer night, and I look forward to it each semester.

- My birthday in November

- Eleanor's first steps

- De-cluttering and curating our toy collection.

Oliver (2.5)

- Our Chicago trip sparked a new love for Dinosaurs and let's just say, I know wayyyyy more dino facts and names today than I did 3 months ago.

- Oliver receives two magazines every month and they are his favorite time of the month. So thank you Cuppy (Ryan's Mom) for our Ranger's Rick and Highlights magazine! (And if you have a little one, I HIGHLY recommend a magazine subscription for birthday or holiday gifting).

- These have been the BEST summer shoe/sandal. Dressy enough for church, comfortable enough for every day play. They’ve held up wonderfully all summer.

- We are majorly into pretend play. Every second we are an animal, book character, Bible hero, maybe a hybrid of all. It’s a fun season.

Eleanor (One Year) - Eleanor turned one! - She is crawling and standing/walking with support any rarely still anymore.

- She is SO chatty - (I think we are up to 18 words) - We are very much into the world of all things food and after 8 months of dairy intolance, are SO grateful to report that she is taking dairy like a champ with no problems! (Thank you Jesus!) Currently our jam is "Pat-A-Cake", we like whatever toy Oliver has, and love saying "Hiiiiiii" with waves to any and all moving things.

Praying blessings over your fall! May it be filled with boldness, joy, and the presence of Jesus.

Happy Harvest,




I'd love to hear how and why you cut dairy out while breastfeeding. I have a feeling I may need to do that with my newborn but don't know how to get started exactly. Love to hear your experience!

Abby Cirkles
Abby Cirkles
Sep 20, 2021
Replying to

I think cutting “big dairy“ out is a great first step. Ex : instead of a normal latte, do almond milk. Instead of cheesy enchilada, go for a simple taco, etc. With Oliver I didn’t cut dairy out fully, but swapping out those big dairy items really helped him not be so fussy.

With Eleanor I couldn’t do any diary. Not cooking with butter, eating a baked good with milk, etc. The smallest amount would really trigger flare ups.

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