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Safety Tips : LOST in a Crowd

Summer is kicking off and with it, for a lot of people, comes pool time, park time, and crowd time.

Whether you're prepping for a big vacation or taking a trip to the mall, here are some safety tips to think about and practice.

*Every parent knows the personality and capacity of their child. Take all of this with a grain of salt in knowing our family dynamics may differ from yours.

Things to do as a parent

  1. Have conversations and practice at home to help your child get comfortable with whatever protocol you set. This will help them gain confidence so they will stay calm if ever they need these safety tools.

  2. Take a picture the beginning of an outing. You'll have a picture of them in their outfit for reference if you need to get employees or officers involved.

  3. Over and over, if you read protocol about "getting lost" in parenting literature you'll hear to do the following. If you notice your child is not with you, start yelling LOUDLY child's name, age, color shirt. Moms are a force of nature and they will jump in to help. (I've seen this first hand. We were at the zoo and saw a boy walking by himself. About 1 min later I heard a frantic mom yelling "Sam. 8! Black and White Shirt!" I flagged her down and helped point her to the right direction, and was able to see her reunion hug after she found him.

  4. Ask the Holy Spirit to guide your steps. He will help. Angels are real. Supernatural assistance is real. We trust and believe for safety and help.

Things to do to prepare your child (we have started this about two years old)

  1. In the car we go over basic safety and expectations. "There will be lots of people today. If mama/daddy asks you to hold my hand do we say "Yes Ma'am" or do we yell "No!" And run away?" (Let them answer) That's right, we obey and hold Mama's hand so we can stay safe."

  2. For younger kids we start giving them instruction soon : "If you can't find Mama, that's called getting lost, I want you to find another Mama with kids and ask for help." (I know this could be risky. It depends on your child finding the "right type of mom" but I pray if this situation ever occur The Lord would help the right mom be there to help.)

  3. For older kids : you can give them a family meet up landmark right as entering. "If we get split up, we'll meet at the food court Burger King".

  4. It's wise to help kids know at least the basics from early on : know their first and last name, their parent's name, and what city they live in. Hopefully this would give enough information to assist.

  5. *Pinterest has lots of creative ways of putting your phone number on bracelets, clothes, even their skin if that's something that would make you more comfortable.

I pray none of us ever have to use any of these tips, but it is wise to prepare your family, especially if crowds will be involved. If you do need it, you'll be grateful.

No Fear Here.

Praying FUN Memories Over Your Summer,


***Don't forget... The Cirkles are cheering you on!



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