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Setting Summer Goals With Your Children

Updated: May 29, 2022

Summer is a great time to practice the art of goal setting! With such a focus on textbook work during the year, this can be a great window of time to add a splash of personalization and fun!

As everything, you’ll need to adjust things for age appropriateness but here are some big picture tips and examples!

1.Make it visual!

Put it on paper and have them color in progress! Here are three examples for us. On Canva you could easily make visually pleasing graphics, but I went paper and sharpie for ease.

Every letter Oliver can independently write we’ll color in.

Any morning he asks to read a Bible story on his own we’ll color in a “Sun Ray”. I may even write the Bible hero’s name on the ray.

This one is for Eleanor . As we practice colors around the house we’ll color these circles.

2.Check in weekly!

Set a day of the week to check in. Monday at breakfast is a great option.

3.Celebrate once achieved! An ice cream trip, kid picked dinner, or even a homemade certificate really does go a long way!

So here we go! Here are some examples to get you started! Customize for your kid’s ages and personalities. It‘s better to start small and succeed. Here are a few category or specific goal ideas!

Faith Goals

  • Read one Psalm a day

  • Attend every day of a VBS

  • Bring an offering to church every Sunday

Body Goals

  • Learn to float in the pool

  • Run one mile alone

  • Double jump with a jump rope

Life-Skill Goals

  • Make a PB&J alone

  • Open a savings account and save “$x”

  • Learn to address a letter and make an address book.

Family Series “Goals”

  • Movie Series : Each family member picks a movie and have a goal to do a family movie night for each one in June.

  • Blind Taste Test: Get a variety of flavors and brands from a category then with blindfolds, try to have everyone try to take their best guess. (Category examples: chips, sodas, ice cream, “orange food”, etc). Make a goal of getting creative and doing 5 challenges this summer as a family.

  • Donut Saturday. Savor those slow Saturdays together.

Hopefully this sparks some creativity! Summer can slip away or become slothful so easily. With a tiny bit of planning you can work some goal setting muscles in a fun way that will be helpful once the fall rolls around.

Happy Summer,


***Don’t forget…The Cirkles are cheering you on!


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