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Sing A Silly Duet

Updated: May 16, 2021

The power of music is an amazing thing. For Mother’s Day my toddler was asked what Mama likes to do and he said “clean the kitchen, sing, and sit.” Ha! I suppose he hears a lot of “Mama is going to clean the kitchen” and “Ah! It’s so nice to sit” a lot. But in between he hears Mama sing and I love that! We sing praise songs, silly songs, old songs, made up songs. It’s honestly become my secret weapon. It instantly shifts gripes and grumbles to smiles. And also it helps me stay a bit grounded. (Surely it’s not just me that belts out some melodies when the day is a bit hard?)

We go through a plethora of tunes throughout the day; some classics and some originals. Here are three very informal examples from my phone just for fun to show you how easy it is to bust out a melody.

  1. Bible Song (Donut Man song)

  1. Silly Song (Mama & Ollie Song) *** We have been working on looking in people‘s eyes so this was our silly song of the week.

  1. Name Song (Mama song for Eleanor). ***Side note, is there anything sweeter than post nap snuggles and giggles?!

Sweet melodies are great mood boosters and memory makers!

So here’s a short reminder, no matter if you are happy, frustrated, tired, or energized: sing a song.

Sing On! Abby

* Don’t forget...The Cirkles are cheering you on!


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