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Text Messages Becoming Public Record?!

This week I had a dream where in short, people of the future were studying our generations’ text messages as we study diaries and letters of the past.

Text messages were known as “public record” accessible and searchable for anyone.

In this specific dream they were studying a prayer movement and were scouring my my texts to try to get more information about it. (Super cool dream!)

But after I woke up, and some of the spiritual notes of the dream faded the hypothetical practicality hit me. It was such a minute detail of the dream but truly stood out. What would that look like if ALL of my text messages became public record? Would I be proud of the “Abby” people would learn about? Are my texts full of complaining and grumbling, or encouragement and gratitude?

It led me with some pondering, and I thought it may do the same for you.

Please note, I am in no way suggesting this will happen. This title was a bit of clickbait 😬. I have no sources outside of my dream that suggest text messages really will become public record, accessible and searchable for anyone. However, would you change anything if it was?

May our words, spoken and typed, be full of life and love. May His goodness be found even in your deepest dark prayer requests and silliest memes typed for your family and friends. Lordship means all. He is the leader of your life : your marriage, occupation, friends, hobbies, income, and even phone. May faith be found in every place and punctuation of our lives.

His is Worthy of a Pure Pursuit,


***Don‘t forget… The Cirkles are cheering you on!

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02 mag 2022

Amen! God is worthy of our pure pursuit!!!

Mi piace
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