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The Birthday Box

Birthdays were HUGE in our home growing up. A day to stop the world to say, "You matter. Your life is a gift to us." Birthdays were special and sacred. I still carry that value for birthdays today.

One way we make birthdays extra special in our home is through “The Birthday Box”. It's low maintenance but high impact (always a win in my book). Here's how it works... Find a box, mediumish in size. (Here's the one I chose):

Can someone please appreciate my preschool-dotted handwriting?

Give yourself a few dollars (I'm talking under $10) and some creativity to gather small treats (favorite candies, small toys, a batch of homemade cookies, etc.). One week before a birthday the box makes it's appearance on the kitchen table. Thus cueing the household culture "Attention Everyone... it's BIRTHDAY WEEK".

Cheers to birthday week! Waking up to the birthday box is like the Christmas stocking of birthdays. Such a fun, small, extra layer of fun.

Each morning leading up to the birthday, at breakfast, the soon-to-be birthday boy/girl gets to open the birthday box for the day and enjoy the small reminder of celebration... That's it. It's SO simple. Seven days of little reminders in a box of how much value that birthday person adds to your family. For being so simple, it’s so fun to see the joy It sparks.

Pistachios for Ryan's birthday box because he loves them.

(*I will note that gifts are way up on my love languages, so I understand this concept might give me more of an adrenaline rush than others. But come on, who doesn't want to start their day sliding a Snickers Bar or bag of Doritos in their bag before heading to school or work?!)

A heartfelt letter for one of my birthday boxes because words are so valuable to me.

Instead of gifts, you could fill the birthday box with sweet notes or encouragements from friends and family. Or possibly a printed picture of a fun moment or achievement to remind them of God's goodness throughout the past year. Young children could create art work or crafts to fill the birthday box for a parent or sibling. You could put one scripture each day in the box for their upcoming year. The possibilities are endless. The idea is that it shows the birthday boy/girl that they are loved and known and worth celebrating. It's all about saying, for this week, it's all about you! I hope you adopt "The Birthday Box" (or your version of it). It's been such a fun, cost effective way, to add celebration to our birthday traditions. Let me know in the comments all the fun creative ideas you and your families come up with. Happy Birthday To All Of You, Abby ***Don't forget, The Cirkles are cheering you on!

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I am using this idea this week! Thanks! Do you mind if I link to this post from my blog?--Holly Chapman

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