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The Dangers of A Critical Spirit

"A critical spirit has a haughty opinion about everything. My Spirit is meek." The Lord whispered this to my heart a few months ago. In the moment, it was personal correction for a specific context, but those words have echoed in my life for many days.

A critical spirit is a mask of insecurity. Constantly pointing out flaws and picking people to shreds only to make itself feel big or important. People walking in this are full of negativity and judgment and honestly just an absolute drain to be around. Nothing and no one is ever good enough or enjoyed, and the hobby of a critical spirit seems to be tearing others down in the game of making itself feel higher. The danger of this is, bluntly put, it’s not a representation of Jesus. And although these people sometimes come across as powerful and assertive, always egging on arguments and having quick “answers”, the reality is that Jesus has another way.

His way is more concerned with doing right than being right.

Jesus perfectly models walking in meekness.

What a King we have! Royal and relatable!

Meekness isn't this silent shy things. In scripture it's depicted in the same light as a horse wearing a bridle.

The word picture here is that the stallion is POWERFUL. He is able to buck his rider off in seconds. The horse could stomp all over, "win" or even kill the rider if he wanted to. But in meekness the stallion trusts it's master. The stallion submits to each slight tug and pull. The stallion has self-control with it's power and might. That my friends is true meekness. We see Jesus Christ, walk in meekness. He is fully man but also fully God! He is powerful and all knowing and walks in perfect leadership, and yet, as a bridled horse, leans into the Father's heart. He doesn't let culture pull him right or left. He doesn't let offence take his cool and start bucking and storm off. He let's the slander come, He sees through the hurt. He is more committed to winning a heart than winning an argument. My friends, we are called to walk in meekness. In words, in deeds, online and offline we are to allow our Master and Leader make the calls. If your lips have loosened, and you find yourself with a haughy heart thinking you are always right and have all the right answers , I encourage you to pause and ask if you are bridled with meekness.

We have the power to win an argument.

We have the power to post in anger

We have the power to "speak our mind"

But meekness says, I can but I I have the self-control to not.

I have the power to hold my tongue

I have the power to to repent and say " I was wrong".

I have the power to not make it about me and see others not with a critical lens, but with a Christ lens.

The world will tell you it’s best to run wild. To be independent.

To not be controlled or contained.

Say what you want.

Do what you want.

Live YOUR best life.

This is not the narrative of The Kingdom.

If Jesus is the leader of your life, you’ve given him the reins. He will train you. With tugs of love and correction He will teach you walk in meekness. And I promise you, where the critical lifestyle takes, drains, and destroys, Jesus’ ways give, refresh, and build.

So bridle up my friends. We all need to let the Lord guide our lips and lives a bit more these day.

Learning Along The Way,


*Don’t forget... The Cirkles are cheering you on!



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