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The Gift Of “No” This Holiday Season

Holiday season can bring a hustle like no other. There are band concerts, decorating, classroom parties, gift exchanges, and family feasts.

It can be a lot of fun, but also, just frankly, it can just be a lot. A lot on your body, emotions, and bank account.

This is your friendly reminder that if it adds stress instead of joy, you can say no. ❤️ No doesn’t make you a grinch. No could possibly mean, not this year. And no can mean you get to really enjoy your “Yeses”. Even one small no can make a huge difference!

Last year we had a newborn so we said no to cooking big fancy meals and ordered pizza on Christmas Eve.

This year we have two toddlers so we are saying no to ornaments and keeping our Christmas tree full of just lights and bows.

May I ask you to pause right now and ask “How can I say no in a simple way this month to add more peace to our home?”

Sometimes the gift of “no” means the gift of “peaceful parents” to your family. So just a reminder :

  • If the family gathering is going to be toxic for your family, you can politely say no.

  • If the cooking stresses you out, you can order in.

  • If the kid crafts intimate you, don’t do them.

  • If all the decorations and gift are draining your bank account, mute social media for the month and don’t buy the stuff. I promise if you cut comparison you will cut the pressure to buy.

  • And so forth and so on….

There is an ever increasing pressure to not only“do it all”, but do it all “picture perfect” and I’m here to remind you, You don’t have to do it all to make it a meaningful season for your family.

If you have kids at home I’d suggest the 3 S Lens. This works for lots of situations but its very helpful during a holiday season.

1. Something Sacred

2. Something Sentimental

3. Something Silly

Here are some examples for the categories. The goal is to pick one maybe two of these from each category.

Something Sacred (How can we celebrate Jesus?)

  • Do an Advent reading Bible plan

  • Act out the Nativity Scene with your children

  • Attend a special/extra Christmas Service at Church

  • Donate time, clothes, or food to others

  • Have a time of family prayer or communion.

Something Sentimental (How can we celebrate a family tradition?)

  • Annual ginger bread making contest

  • A fancy family Christmas Eve dinner with Grandparents

  • A Homemade Christmas Craft

  • Picking out/decorating a tree

  • Mail Christmas Pictured/Cards

Something Silly (How can we celebrate “Christmas Cheer”)

  • Buy matching Christmas pajamas

  • Family Christmas Movie Night

  • Go look at Christmas lights

  • Host a Christmas minute-to-win-it party

  • Make a festive dessert

I pray this holiday month honors Jesus, the Prince of Peace.

I pray each day is filled with an awe and appreciation for the light that Jesus’ birth has brought.

I pray time spent with family and friends is full of good health, loud laughter, and delicious calories.

Protect The Peace He So Kindly Gave Us,

Abby Don‘t forget… the Cirkles are cheering you on!


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