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The Gluttony of Revelation

Updated: Jul 11, 2021

What I’m about to share is not a complete thought, nor a new theology. It’s something I’ve been processing and pondering the past few weeks. I think we all have. I’m usually weary of sharing “half baked ideas” but I think it may be a good perspective to lean into.

Here’s my statement :

I feel our excessive access of "Christian content" has numbed our reverence of the Word. We (being primarily the American Church in the context I'm writing about) have access to more Bible versions, sermon soundbites, theological thoughts, and personal experiences than any generation. This is a privilege. This also can cause a problem. An intense posture to consume instead of cherish.

You see gluttony happens when you look at your table PACKED with food and say “I don’t like any of this. I don't have enough to eat. I need more.“ It's rooted in greed and entitlement and a "it's your job to feed me" mentality, instead of graciousness and a "thank you for this feast. I shall savor every bite."

Gluttony is when copiousness turns into complacency.

I think of these two videos often. Look at their excitement. Watch their reverence. Feel the weight of this.

Do you have a parade in your heart when you hold your Bible? Do you turn the pages with trembling hands when you study scripture?


Do you lean on other people's encounters with God more than having your own?

Do you have an addiction to the “inspirational” process more the transformational Truth. Now, I have no issues with books and commentaries and podcasts and sermons. I have bookshelves and playlists filled with both. But at what point do we cross the line of "too much"? Too many books, too many conferences, too many podcasts, too many (fill in the blank)? Are we giving ourselves time to soak and meditate on what we hear, or have we switched into an "entitled entertainment" posture? I'm asking for myself here too.

The Word of God is enough. We are privileged to have "extra" but we don't need the "more" to encounter Him more. The Word of God is all we need.

Please do not fall into the "grass is always greener" "another scroll, share, sermon, song" "consumption is my God" gluttonous trap.

There will always be "more" and "others" who look and sound "better". But God, in His wisdom, sets our boundaries and place us in a faith family of local believers with a local Pastor. Be inspired, be encouraged, be educated by the MANY gifts the Body of Christ and gifts of publication and technology give us. But please don't loose heart and hope in the Bible in your lap and Church congregation in your backyard. (***PS challenge, I'm feeling prompted to throw out there. If you are finding yourself criticizing your church more than celebrating... perhaps that's a sign you have too many voices.) There is awe and wonder in the scriptures and stories sitting right at our own tables. Let's feast in His faithfulness "here" again. Savor What He’s Portioned For You, Abby ***Don't forget... The Cirkles are cheering you on


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