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The Grateful Pause

Sitting at the table, sticker practice on my right, painting on my left and coffee in my hand, I took a deep breath and had a thought. “How precious is it that the Lord’s assignment to me right now is this? Thank you Jesus that my mark of obedience in this season is full of play dough and tea parties.”

That one thought pause totally shifted my heart and day. I’m praying it does the same for you.

What answered prayer can you pause and say thank you for?

  • Do you remember when you prayed for the place you are living in right now?

  • Do you remember how you prayed for the friends you just text an hour ago?

  • Do you remember when you asked God for provision and He gave you the job you have now?

  • Do you remeber when you had that high fever and runny nose and now you don’t?

I think this week we can find gold and gratitude in our season somewhere, with the right pause. We can take a deep breath and say “It’s in Your kindness that I can serve You in this capacity.”

I don’t want to negate the very real and hard moments you may be carrying right now, but sometimes in the “thick” of it we can forget to remember His goodness. My challenge to you is to pause in gratitude as you enter this week.

He is faithful. Forget not His kindness.

Find me on social media this week and tell me one or two ways you’re living in an answered prayer.

Gratitude over Grumbling,


***Don‘t forget, the Cirkles are cheering you on!


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