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The Lord Corrected Me

Last week I found myself pleading to The Lord “Please help. I need answers. I don’t want to be a miserable mom to be around. ”

The precursor to this prayer was finding myself at 5pm grouchy, snappy, and frazzled at every little thing. I was living in a reality that I knew wasn’t my portion.

I took a genuine prayer pause with the words above as well as additional heart cries asking for lies to be removed, grace to be given, books or resources to be highlighted, etc.

Then I heard the Lord whisper to my tender heart. The voice I’ve heard so many times.

What have you eaten today?”

I stopped. That wasn’t what I was asking but I did pause and think.

I am *deeply* embarrassed to type this out. Due to some early kid wake ups it threw my whole day off and as a result my intake for the day was :

- A cup of coffee

- Three bites of Oliver‘s leftover oatmeal

- No lunch

- A cup of tea at 1pm (cheers to afternoon tea time)

- Some cheese with Eleanor about 3pm

- Another cup of coffee at 4pm 🥴

Thats it. And here I was trying to cook dinner wondering why my emotions and moods were all over the place?! My body was going into “Red Alert” mode. I had zero fuel to function on. 🤦🏼‍♀️

I heard the Lord say “You’re just hungry, Abby.”

Here I was scavenging for deep heart issues when I needed to just eat. Sometimes the supernatural gives simple solutions. The Helper reminds us of all truth, and on this day that looked like reminding me to eat. 🤷🏼‍♀️

Now, this is not a typical day, I do feed myself, but after this experience I really sat down and thought about my food Intake. I was eating about the same as my one year old daughter. Purely out of the name of being a busy mom and honestly just not slowing down long enough to eat, or spending all of my mealtime feeding other mouths instead of mine.

So here’s your mom-to-mom, friendly reminder. You need to eat. Real food. As in, not just the crust off your kids PB&J or a large coffee. True full meals with things that will nourish you. I am not perfect, but trying to be intentional with this. I‘ve found if I can stay ahead of the hunger cues I can eliminate major tantrums for kids and adults alike. Practically this looks like having a plan for all meals every day. Truly, He helps in all areas of life.

I also will say, what a great “correction and instruction” from the Lord. Eat! That‘s a fun way to walk out obedience. 😂 And in all honestly, I had no plan to share this, but felt so prompted to do so. So just be reminded

Dialogue with the Lord. He may have solutions that are actually much faster and easier than you would have thought. ❤️

Savoring Peace,


*Don‘t forget…The Cirkles are cheering you on!

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Abby, I have been here so many times and have heard Him say the same thing! This post brought literal laughter and tears simultaneously because the exchange is so familiar. He is always faithful to help me through the moment and get me to where I can nourish my body, but it still amazes me how easily I forget in the constant push and pull of small children. His gentle leading for those of us with little ones and their constant needs is so precious!

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