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This Is Important

Let's start with a smiley selfie to remind you that I’m challenging in earnest love not shouting is condemning anger… but, if you are a believer and follower of Jesus, I believe this is vitally important. We must treat this practice as if our lives depend on it because honestly it does. Let’s stop the stalling, scrolling, and swaying. Get back to the anchor. We must be daily in fellowship with Jesus through His Word.

Do you follow a Bible Reading plan? If you don't I highly recommend it. Whether just for yourself or with a community group, it is a wonderful way to empower you in consistency around The Word of God.

It takes the guesswork out, which helps you stay engaged with scripture. This is my top tip for believers in all seasons. Start with a plan.

Think of this example :

It's early in the morning, you are tired and getting hungry and just want to get something to get the day going.

You go to the cabinet....

Out of coffee.

Open the fridge ...

No food.

You either choose between grabbing something out of the house and feeling the frazzle of being rushed, or skip breakfast+caffeine and feel irritable.

The scenario is much different when you have the items already purchased and prepared. Your morning and metabolism flow drastically different simply with the decision already made.

Coffee in the cabinet. You're making coffee. Food in the fridge. You're eating here.

This is a very long example to say, if you don't know what you're going to read in the morning, it's probably not going to happen. It'll get pushed and not prioritized. You'll stall and scroll.

But if you have a Bible reading plan, you don't have to wonder. It jump starts your reading. And then as your body and brain wakes up as the Holy Spirit leads you to other passages you'll be ready!

As a church community we read "The Journey Guide". We get a new printout plan every month. It's WONDERFUL to know we are all digging into similar scripture.

All scripture is inspired! All is good for teaching, doctrine, reprooof, righteousness (2 Tim 3:16) and there's no "wrong" passage. Simple start with a plan.

Here's some practicals.

  1. Talk to church leadership and see if there's a plan they'd recommend. Perhaps they already have something made that follows along with what's being taught as a congregation.

  2. Pick a Bible book and read a chapter a day. The Gospels : (Matthew, Mark, Luke, John), Romans, or Ephesians are great starts to pick from.

  3. Pick a topic. The Bible app (the brown Bible icon that says Holy Bible) is PACKED with topical reading plans. You can pick a plan based on season of life, how long you want it (7 days, 30 days, etc), or even interests.

Here's the main thing. Keep showing up. Keep sowing.

  • Whether in tears of sorrow or shouts of joy.

  • Whether you woke up 5 times with the toddler or you got 12 hours of sleep.

  • Whether you feel "spiritual" or you're hiding in shame.

Keep reading. Keep showing up to scripture. It is a LIVING inspired book! It's consistency in your life will add consistency to your life. If you are tired of an up and down, drama and trauma rhythm of life, add in the anchor of The Word.

I'll leave you with this from today's reading in our Bible plan:

Psalm 126:6

"They weep as they go to plant their seed,

but they sing as they return with the harvest."

Every time you open your Bible, by His grace, He is planting Truth in your heart. And everytime you close the Bible you can walk away with harvest of hope.

This is His doing. His grace. His promise.

It's not because you read the right scripture or pray the right prayer. Simple by showing up, He has soil to work with.

So in this season of life, if you are weeping in joy or weeping in sorrow- go to the Word. If you are busy or peaceful- go the Word.

Get a plan for this week, or the next 30 days and meet Him everytime.

We, Church, must continue to learn His ways, and His Word. This matters. Getting in the Word daily is important. It's imperative to the groanings of the globe.

Keep Plowing and Planting,


***Don't forget...The Cirkles are cheering you on (see picture at top).



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