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Ways To Play With Your Kids While Sitting On Your Couch

I am all for interacting with your kids. I love encouraging parents to get on the floor for even 10-15 min to play eye to eye with their child. That kind of time and modeling does worlds of good for their development.

Buuuuuut sometimes parenthood catches up with you. Maybe you have a sick day or just need an evening on the couch. I was talking to a friend this week joking about how good my "couch games" have become and was shocked when she saw these as a stroke of genius. I thought every parent tapped into this low energy, high impact method from time to time. So, in case you need a little inspiration, enjoy these simple ideas.

Here are four winners to run to when your kid is begging for attention but you don't want to run around the house like a superhero.


You enjoy the couch and let them take your temperature, wrap your "broken leg", bring you soup, etc. This is actually a great dramatic play prompt to really encourage empathy as well. We have a toy doctor kit that stretches this activity wayyyyy out but you can be creative without.


They "prepare food" and bring it to you. That's about it. As long as I keep ordering this game keeps going. I've found using a cookbook as a "menu" adds extra fun. Bonus if they are old enough to make their own pretend menu.


I'll give them a prompt of a favorite movie or story, let them get their costumes and then let them go. Using an actual movie soundtrack as a prompt guide for them is actually a really fun trick. Then you just sit on the couch and clap at the cuteness.

Slow-Motion Filming

I don't know why this works but kids love jumping off the couch, tossing a toy, or doing a silly dance while you film them in the slow-motion setting. *Picture above is from 20 min of them jumping as I filmed them. I would however recommend deleting the videos afterwards because they in themselves carry quite a bit of storage.

You parents are doing an amazing job! Just remember that the pull of "play with me" comes from a pure place and anytime you can fill up their heart bucket that's a good choice to make.

Let Them Get Creative As You Get Comfy,


*Don't forget...The Cirkles are cheering you on


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