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Sometimes on your journey with Jesus, He asks you to do really hard things; things that forge faith in you in the most un-fun ways. That's part of being a disciple. You follow, no matter where. You do, no matter what. (More on that in another post). On the flip side, other times, Jesus asks you to do something that is SO FUN! It almost seems unreal that it'd be an "assignment". Without making things over spiritual, let's just say starting this blog is one of those things. has been on our hearts for a while to do as a fun hobby. Ryan and I are both writers and value all ages and stages of life, so a family blog is right up our alley. Our hope is to let people peek into our world to learn and be encouraged along the way. So whether you are single, married, a dude or dudette, a young adult or not so young adult, hopefully you'll find some joy in our posts and pictures. Our plan is to have a fun blend of practical and inspirational thoughts that will be worth your time. So who‘s with us? Let's go and grow together.


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