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What's Your Legacy Project?

I want to challenge us all to create with the next generation in mind. Even if just one project. (Everything you create doesn't have to be posted or sold. Sometimes it can be just for family.) A Legacy Project could be a weekend project, a fun hobby or a lifetime pursuit - the goal is to create something to be passed on. What can you make, curate or prioritize now that can be passed on? I'll give a few ideas: - A recipe binder to be passed down to your nephews and nieces

- A video series of "Handy How-To-Dos" your son can reference

- A pregnancy/baby journal you keep now to give to your daughter when she's pregnant.

- A special quilt you can give to all of your grandchildren

- An album of songs for your daughter

- A set aside savings account or investments to add wealth to generations

- Special scriptures written in your handwriting

- Letters for your children or grandchildren to read at a certain age

- A list of "must see" movies with your ratings and notes

- A family yearbook of pictures and notes Again, perhaps a project could take an afternoon, and perhaps you'll chip away at it for your lifetime. The goal is to share a skill or special moment of your life with others. I'd love to hear some of your ideas! Please feel free to share in the comments here or on social media platforms. To The Future, Abby



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