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What Wise Women Have In Common

Updated: Sep 18, 2022

I have been so blessed to have encountered so many mentors and women of God in my life. At every age and stage there have been women above me that have opened their hearts and homes. We need more of this. The generational ripples found in a 90 min tea time blows my mind.

This week, for a random reason, I was reflecting on some of my favorite moments with a few of these women that I admire because I admire their walk with the Lord. I want to be like them. Reflecting Christ. Carrying grace. Equally strong in conviction and compassion.

Out of these 6 specific women came an arrangement of differences.

Their homes were all different decorating styles.

Their family sizes were all in a variety of numbers and life stages.

Their jobs and seasons were also not the same.

And their personalities were splattered full spectrum from quiet to um…well….not quiet.

And yet being in their home, around their tables always left me inspired to cling to wisdom more than anything.

“I want to be like that. What can I learn from them?” I pondered with the Lord.

The Holy Spirit then showed me a very RANDOM connection. Are you ready for this?

I got flashes of their kitchens. Yes kitchens where I had been seated. They all had handwritten scripture taped in their kitchens.

I am not kidding. This obscure little detail came in full focus. It was very evident the clue the Holy Spirit wanted me to see. I could see each piece of paper perfectly in my memory.

  • The yellow index card by the sink

  • The journal paper on the fridge

  • The post it note by the light switch

And so forth and so on. In their own handwriting, they put the Word in front of them.

I know this is a very small poll of women? But I know that wisdom comes from the fear of the Lord. Wisdom and knowledge are totally different things. I know handfuls of “smart people” that have zero wisdom at all. I know handfuls of “popular women” who don’t walk the wisdom Way.

These women, and centuries of others like them, have found wisdom due to their heart to put the Lord first in their heart and home.

These scribbled scriptures weren’t “pretty”, there were no frames or perfect handwriting, and yet these “scrap papers” made their lives beautiful because they intentionally placed truth throughout the path of their gaze.

So here’s my challenge to us all: tape handwritten scripture in-front of you.

  • In your closet

  • In your kitchen

  • In your bathroom

  • Where you look as you rock your baby

It doesn’t have to be a cute graphic. It doesn’t have to be a “life verse”.

It doesn’t have to be a “weekly rotation”, simply write and tape, read and replace as the Lord keeps a scripture on my heart. The heart is to put His Word in-front of your eyes.

I don’t know about you, but I desire to have a life and home built on wisdom. Perhaps it starts with some scrap construction paper and scotch tape. Here’s one example to show you just how “unglamorous” this can be.

Your handwriting, His heart. Post it and watch it grow.

In His Joy,


Don’t forget…The Cirkles are cheering you on.


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