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10 Family Podcasts To Love

For many of you, car life is about to majorly increase. With school pick ups and extra curricular drop offs you may be spending much more time, in the following weeks, buckled up.

I thought it'd be fun to share some podcasts you may enjoy!

***We listen in Spotify but many of these can be listened to on multiple podcast playlists.

Deep Blue Sea (Spotify)

***A family favorite of ours! Great for sea creature lovers.

Gardenkeeper Gus (Spotify)

***Storybook format, this is a delightful and enjoyable listen .

But Why : A Podcast for Curious Kids

***Not a win for every kid, it definitely listens like a lecture, but for your curious kids this will be a winner.

Brains On!

***A creative listen for the curious kids in your life.

Noodle Loaf

***This is a fun musical education show. It's very quirky and silly.

Toddler Tunes

***Similar to a "circle time", this is short and peppy and perfect for 1-3year olds.

Real Cool Hostory For Kids

***Better for learning than entertainment but a fun format, nonetheless .

God's B!g Story

***This listens like a kid sermon. Lots of stories and series to pick from.

Kids Bible Stories

***This can be a little slow, if I'm honest. Definitely not high energy but it is very thorough. Sound effects and fun voices help bring these stories to life.

Very Veggie Silly Story

*** I may enjoy these more than my kids for nostalgia sake. Each episode tackles a character trait/issue. It's creative and interactive.

***Not a podcast but a playlist worth mentioning :

Danny Go! has gotten us through many a hours of car time. If you need to get the kids pumped (or to stay awake to get home for a nap) this is your guy.

Praying peace over your drives and learning to your days.

Happy Listening,



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