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The Win of A Dessert Date

We love any chance to celebrate and make each other feel special, in our family. For Valentine's Day this year we decided to do septerate Dessert Dates with the kids followed by family pizza afterwards.

The wins here were major :

  1. Dessert before dinner gave us cool parent points. It also helped us beat the Feb 14 dinner crowds.

  2. One-on-one time with our kids helps give special attention and make space for uninterrupted conversations.

  3. Desserts are cheaper than a whole meal, and also take less time to prep (aka don't have to wait with a wiggly little too long).

  4. Fun pictures and memories 🤍

Here's our recap. Enjoy some pictures.

  1. Oliver + Mom = Pie date (and a sleeping Claire in a car seat)

  2. Eleanor + Dad = Cookie Skillet

We talked, we laughed, they felt so special!

*Ryan and I have our date this week. We've learned celebrating with Valentine's Day crowds is not enjoyable 😵‍💫

I want to make it known, I know how privileged and blessed I am to be able to write a blog like this. To have a loving husband, and three beautiful children is such a gift.

I just want to write a note of hope. I remember being a single gal, praying for Jesus to grant me an adoring husband and beautiful children. And faithful He has been! But also, faithful He would be if I didn't have those blessings. 🤍

Keep hope alive on the dreams Jesus has dropped in your heart 🤍. And as you wait, celebrate the miracles in your midst right now. I'm sure, even if it takes some pausing and pondering, you'll find some answered prayers you're living in today.

In His Joy,


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