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10 Must Haves : Newborn Edition

I give you my word, this blog will not become all baby content. But I had to slide one more in for now while it was fresh on my mind and the deals are good! With holiday sales on the rise the next few weeks I wanted to put a few things in the forefront of your mind in case you have a baby on the way or know someone who does.

Every mom has their different opions, and that's part of motherhood to find out what you like and what works. You may value clean products and asethics more than the next mom. Or you may want to pick budget over splurge. Every baby is different and every mom is different. So this list is very biased. But after three kids with three different personalities, this is my list of 10 items that reign supreme.

Trove Milk Catcher

As an easy way to get a freezer stash, or relieve a fast letdown that's hard for young babies to handle, this is so good! It does "drain" you like the Haaka does, and fits flush in a nursing bra so baby doesn't kick it off . It's extra helpful in those early days when your milk hasn't regulated and you're leaking a bit more.

Velcro Swaddles

These are simple and effective. All of my kids have slept so much better in these. Tons of patterns available.

Pack-N- Play Set

We have a two story home, so we set up this station downstairs. Storage on the side, changing table, removable bouncer that can be put on the floor or high in the pack-n-play (that's at a safe unreachable distance for eager little siblings), and sleeping portion for naps. This is our headquarters! As a C-section mama, this is my saving grace the first few weeks in preventing me from having to bend down, sit on the floor, or climb stairs. It then is helpful once older for compact sleeping for travel as it folds up fairly small. We actually keep our pack-play in our trunk year round once the kids are older for easy use if we need a spontaneous nap at a friend's house. We have used this at every stage! Worth every penny.

Zipper Sleepers

Repeat after me, no buttons. It is beyond me, why they still make button snap baby clothes. This is what my kids live in 24/7 outside of a Sunday "cute outfit". Zipper is easy, it's has foot and hand coverage so no socks or mittens to fuss with, and is an easy one piece wash.

Solly Baby Wrap

I haven't used this with my third baby yet, but this was my SURVIVAL for my second child, when I had a 20 month old boy and colic newborn girl at the same time. I have a structured carrier too, but prefer this one for the first 5-6 months.

Soothie Pacifiers

These come in different sizes and colors but they are the only ones my kids will take.

Spectra Breast Pump

I've tried a few and this is by far the superior breast pump. The blue one is battery chargeable so you don't have to be plugged into the wall, but I also have the pink one that works equally as well.

***INSURANCE WILL PAY FOR A PUMP! I use and have received my free pump within one to two weeks every time.

Multiuse Cover

Great for the stroller when out and about to protect from germs and weather. Great for a nursing cover. Great for a high chair or stroller cover. Great for so many uses and there are a TON of brands and patterns.

Sound Machine

Any sound machine is fine, and helpful for sleep at the beginning because it mimics the sound of rushing blood that baby is use to in the womb and helps them rest. Hatch is pricey, but it's nice to grow with your kid. It's programmable from your phone and we use it for sleep and then later as an "okay to wake" cue. We now have three, one for each kid.

No Rinse Cleaning Water

This is a new one for me but so far has been great to keep baby acne away. Really helpful for those inbetween days when you don't want to do a full bath to wash those natural baby oils away but their neck, face, or bum needs a bit of a refresh.

Newborn season is sweet and short! You truly only need mama, diapers, and wipes, but a few extra products can really help add convenience, which at this stage is a big blessing.

Praying For You,




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