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5 Ways To Make Your Week Easier and Efficient

Updated: Aug 16, 2021

A note to myself to encourage me to let the hacks help! A little preparation always pays off in the end.

1.Set A Grocery Pick-Up Day : Every Saturday I plan our meals for the week, order our groceries online and schedule a pick up for Sunday after church. On our way home, we swing by and they load up our groceries and we are off and set for the week. Are there cons to this? Yes, you don't get to pick out your own produce or meat, and sometimes they miss an item. But the pros WAY out weight the cons for me. The biggest one, is I stick on budget. I tweak my order until I am exactly where I need to be. No random "this looks good" or "ohhh let's try this" that ends up adding another $100 to your check out swipe. Also, with two littles, it is so nice to not have to go in a store. Sunday pick up works really well for us because we are already out and about for church and then we are set for the week. But do what works for you. Every Tuesday on your way home from football practice; Every other week on Wednesdays, etc. You get the idea. This saves stress, time, gas, money - you aren't always "running to the store" and it's just a huge game changer.

2. Sunday Snack Dinners :

Sunday we have created a tradition called "Sunday Snack Dinners" which is a Mary Poppins way to make the reality sound fun, that Sunday's are big days for us and I don't want to cook. (Hack within a hack - just add a name to anything and it instantly becomes exciting to kids). Usually we eat out after church a little later than normal so we aren't always super hungry. Everyone "fends for themselves" and stacks their plate with whatever they want. Oliver's usual is cranberry/cashews, fruit, pepperonis, cheese, and a cracker of sort. We usually do seconds and thirds which adds to the fun.

3. Pre-Programmed Coffee :

This seems like a no brainer, but setting up your coffee the night before (putting filter and grounds and water) and being able to just press a button (or even better, set it to auto brew for 6am if you have that option) is MAGICAL. It is so easy but wowzer makes a difference. To be able to walk out of your room and smell coffee is one of those little ways to sprinkle "pamper" into your routine.

4. Visible Family Calendar :

We have a calendar in our kitchen. It's the master brain for all of us and just really helps the flow of our week. It's good for Ryan to see what our home world is like with appointments and activities, and even though I don't have to be there for "Big Meeting" at work for Ryan, I love knowing it's there so I can pause and pray or be intentional about following up with him about how it went.

5. Laundry Visual Triggers:

Don't laugh at me folks, but I can't seem to break the habit of forgetting about loads of laundry. I am a competent woman with a fairly sharp memory and yet, when it comes to laundry I seem to have no level of capacity. I've tried all the things, but I still time and time again find myself opening the washer to find a load I forgot to switch over from the day before, and or clothes in the dryer that inevitably turn into a ball of wrinkled mess. So... although not glamour, I sheepishly share with you what works. Neon index card visual trigger cues. If I have clothes in the washer, the washer card gets put up on the fridge, which is right next to our laundry machine, and when I walk by and see it it reminds me to go swap it out. And visa versa for when clothes go in the dryer, then the dryer card comes out. At night time when I reset the kitchen before bed, the cards get put away. It's working for now and if the system proves to work for a few more week I'm going to order these doctor door tabs for a more streamline system. (However I feel like the magic might be in the fact that the neon cards really stand out).

I'd love to hear hacks that help your week run more efficiently, and or just adds joy along the way. Remember, small strokes create beautiful murals. It may seem like pointless repetitive things, but these small home habits create a peaceful home culture. Praying Blessings Into Your Week, Abby

Don‘t forget…The Cirkles are cheering you on!


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