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A Cheap Way To Celebrate In A Big Way

Forgive the handwriting, I had a toddler on my lap. Here's some real-life real-simple ideas of celebrating the ones you love.

We love celebrating people, in The Cirkles home. Making people feel loved and valued is so dear to our heart. One of my favorite "celebration tools" is the good old-faithful "Post-It Note". Here's why: 1. They're cheap.

2. They're colorful - it's like giant stick-able confetti.

3. They're versatile.

It truly is amazing how a little creativity can made a BIG impact in small ways to a person's day. Whether a birthday, achievement, or "just because" here are some ideas:

1. Post-It Note Celebration Calendar This is what we did for Ryan this year for Father's Day. Concept : Write a bunch of fun things on post it notes, then let the "celebratee" choose when he/she wants it by sticking it under an appropriate day. For Ryan's Father's day I tapped this up on Monday. Fun things on post-it notes on top, and days of the week on index cards under. (Oliver helped me decorate). Then day by day, Ryan "spread out the celebration" by moving a post-it-note on the appropriate day. It's a decoration, activity, and celebration all in one!

This took about 3 min to get up (clearly I didn't work too hard on the "decorative" part of this. But it added such a huge smile to Ryan's face when he came home after work on Monday to find it.

Don't worry, BB Tex-Orleans and rented movie both claimed a spot on Sunday.

2. Post-It Note Blast of Encouragement

I had a team of gals that blasted my office with Post-It-Note encouragements on a big achievement day. Walking into my office to a flood of colors and slowly reading kind memories, scriptures, and thoughtful words was so so so very special. (Big impact for probably a $6 pack of post-it-notes)

Shoutout to Rose, Grace, and Thania for the fun memory.

3. Post-It Note Shapes I don't remember if this was for a birthday or "just because" but writing kind things on post-it-notes and then arranging them in a certain shape is a fun option too. I used a heart for Ryan, for obvious reasons, but you could do a number for a birthday, a house for a new move, a smiley face for a big-deal moment, etc. Even if the post-it-notes have simple things like "Yay! You did it! Hooray!" it adds such a fun element of celebration.

I blurred the notes out because some of these are just for Ryan and me. ;)

So - go buy some post-it-notes and add some color and celebration! A special shout out "Hooray" to all the dads out there on today's Father's Day! You are SO valuable! Happy Celebrating,

Abby *Don't forget... The Cirkles are cheering you on.



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