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A Hack For Mental Wellness

My most recent read (or more so listen) has been the audio book "Raising Emotionally Strong Boys" by David Thomas (Which has been PHENOMENAL! I recommend it to any boy mom or dad)

David Thomas is a licensed therapist, and Believer, and in referencing the impulse epidemic and mental wellness crisis we are seeing across the board today, he attributes it highly to the access we have to our phones/devices before bed, during wakes in the night, and first thing in the morning.

Our nervous system isn't created to process loads of emotionally charged information, especially in a laying down posture which is the biggest trigger to our fight, flight, or freeze system.

Even in knowing the data of how device use has an incredible spike in sensual behavior, impulsive comments and conversations, and anxiety provoking thought spirals, parents specifically seem to have a hard time following through on setting boundaries in this area.

He goes on to say parents complain of unwanted behavior that is directly connected to technology consumption and yet their reason for being unwilling to take their phones from their kid's bedroom... their phone/iPad is their alarm clock. That's it.

His rebuttal and challenge for transformative behaviors:

Buy an alarm clock.

Yep. You read that right. It's as simple as a one click on Amazon or one drive to the nearest store. And this could bring so much healing to the nervous system and mental stimulation, by simply eliminating device access around and during sleep.

He recommends having a designated "charging zone" in the kitchen or living room where your family turns their phone in for the night.

It was a mental prescription for adolescents but he goes on to describe what a benefit this would be for all ages.

I know I am guilty of having my phone plugged in right by my bed. And it is far from helpful to have the first thing your eyes see to be a tragic news post, triggering email, or curated video that makes you feel behind before your day starts.

Perhaps this is worth the thought going into a new year.

Maybe this should be a goal on all of our 2024 lists.

What if a simple purchase could solve years of depression, anxiety, and unwanted behavior.

What if restorative rest, a peaceful morning, and less stress could be connected to a simple habit and $10 purchase.

Seems worth it to me!

So parents! Have courage to collect those devices at night. And if you already do, stay strong in that standard! It's one of the best protective and proactive tools in your parenting toolbox according to therapists.

Peace is Your Portion,


*Truly a quick Amazon search pops up with options from a simple $10 basic clock to a $30 clock with nightlight, sound matching, and slow rise alarm options.


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