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TBEST Present, Favorite Album, New Bible Course, Milestone Birthday, and more. #CirklesCheckInWinter

It is officially winter and with the changing of seasons we like to take a pause as a family to review and reflect.

Here's a look at the wrap up of 2023 and a few things we are excited about moving into 2024.



  • I'm learning a lot about Oliver and Eleanor and how to love them individually.

  • I'll soon be learning more about the Bible through The Bible Project courses. You can join me if you'd like! Lots to choose from here.


  • The thought of getting still and hearing the heart of God for my new year. I use this to get my heart lined up.

  • Smiles and giggles from Claire

  • My World Series gear. Did I mention The Rangers are the 2023 World Series Champions?

Looking Forward To

  • Ollie turning five and our special Dad/Son trip

  • New moments with our church family

  • New growth in our business



  • Audible is a great investment during postpartum season. I put in my headphones and listen a little every time I nurse or rock the baby. Just with that routine, I read about a book a week.


  • Baby smiles

  • Steffany Gretzinger "Narrow Way" Album

  • Eleanor's pigtails

  • Ryan's cologne (great idea to gift cologne to your husband in a scent you enjoy)

Looking Forward To

  • Getting more active

  • Oliver's 5th Milestone Birthday

  • Monday "rice and bean" dinners. (I read "Raising Grateful Kids in an Entirled World" and one of the ideas was to have a "rice and beans" night regularly to pray for the world and remind yourself and your family that in many places, meat and fruit/veggies are a luxury. We are doing "Rice and Beans" Mondays in January to start.



  • Continuing to slowly learn all the peculiar reading rules of the English language

  • Being told "no" is not rejection.


  • Star Wars. The intricate characters and plots have captivated Oliver. We aren't watching the movies but have a children's book that has become the bedtime pick nightly.

  • Forest green clothes

  • Ark of the Covenant/Temple details

Looking Forward To


  • Zoo trip this winter.

  • The next time a peanut butter and jelly sandwich is offered.



  • Bible stories

  • Using an inside volume


  • Dancing

  • Baby Dolls

  • Jumping! (We decided this year to just do stockings and a big gift .... a trampoline. It was a wise choice. Both kids have exclaimed multiple times "BEST GIFT EVER"

  • Pigtails

Looking Forward To

  • "Dinner" (this is accurate. She is my eater and is always ready for the next meal)

  • More school learning


Claire is 7 weeks and a dream of a baby. She's eating and sleeping well. In fact, she is consistently giving big sleep stretches at night (even sleeping through the night a few times already!). She's smiling and cooing. And besides some aggressive baby acne and cradle cap she's had a flawless newborn journey. We are so grateful!

A new year, a new season! May we follow Jesus with courage and conviction. May we enjoy this season with joy.

Happy New Year,

The Cirkles



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