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DIY Construction Play Zone

Updated: Aug 1, 2021

Do you have a little boy or girl obsessed with all things wheels?

You're in good company. My toddler is overtaken by all things trucks and tractors and there’s some cognitive reason behind that. Wheels teach cause and effect, sizing and sorting, balance and responsibility. All things little brains are craving right now.

We decided to use things around the house and give him his own “Wheels Work Zone”. (Reminder, the same play can happen in your backyard or living room rug. This isn’t “necessary” but it does deepen the play experience if your little one seems to be leaning into this type of play).

-Extra bricks for a peramiter. (Boundaries are the fasted way to deepen play!)

-Soil, pebble rocks, and grass. (We added mulch but regret that. The kind we got makes everything red and pokey).

-Oliver helped me move bricks, dig zones, collect rocks, etc.

He is so proud of it! It cost us less than $10. And I have a feeling it’ll keep growing and developing It‘s been an easy fun addition to our play world.

And just a reminder : something magical happens when you take an inside toy outside. You can always wash it off and clean it up. It really is so so very fun!

Play is Work of a Child! Give them the right tools and watch them flourish.

Dig On,


*** Don’t forget… The Cirkles are cheering you on.


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