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Don’t Skip These *IMPORTANT* 5 Seconds

My brother Peter is our family historian. This wasn't something assigned, He just has a natural knack for knowing when to pull out his phone. He is awesome at remembering to capture candid moments and be the one to say "oh that's great! Look here!" when your mid- sentence in a conversation on the couch and it feels awkward.

Then about an hour or two after a gathering, he sends all these pictures that end up meaning so much to have. I think 80% of my pictures of me and my kids, at gatherings, at church, or just hanging out, are because Peter is intentional to snap a picture when I wasn't thinking about it.

So here's my encouragement... be like Peter ❤️

Take the 5 seconds to snap the picture! You don't have to go overboard and request a 30 min photoshoot, but as the days unfold with kids at home and family in town, be the one to capture some candid moments.

  • The cousins playing video games together.

  • The mixed generation pictures of grandma holding grand baby.

  • The chefs in the kitchen.

  • The pile of shoes at the front door.

  • The walk together at dusk.

  • The dad chatting.

I know it can seem invasive, or a hassle, but say it with me :

You can always delete but you can never retake.

Here's some of Peter's captures that I have thanks to his 5 second choice to pull out his phone and press a button. (Believe me, I have many many more, these are just a few fast ones I pulled). I wasn't thinking of pictures at all, but thanks to a 5 second pause I have pictures to last decades to come.

For your kiddos at home this week... take the pictures.

For the host and hostess putting a lot of time and money into a gathering... take the picture.

For family legacy ... take the pictures.

It's a simple task that can mean so much!

Praying blessings over your week and holiday. Remember, every season is different for a reason. Whether this week is full of joyful anticipation or agonizing dread, His presence is with you. And there is always a way to make things special and a place of gratitude to be found.

Happy Thanksgiving,



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