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Happy Listening! [Current Favorite Tunes]

Updated: May 17, 2020

We are a music loving family! From jazz to classical, worship to show-tunes our playlists have great variety. Music is such an easy way to add freshness to your life, so we've listed below a few of our recent favorites. (They are all over the place in genre so hopefully you can find one or two you enjoy.)

PRAISE AND WORSHIP Awake My Soul. Oliver and I have started our morning with this song EVERY.SINGLE.DAY for about a month. I've always been a Brooke fan, I'll forever be a Brooke fan, but goodness, this one just gets me extra. "When we hear praises, He hears faith." So.Good. This is our "Get Our Hearts Postured For the Day" song. :)

Come Alive. Oliver's favorite. Seriously, he hums it and claps with it. It always plays right after Awake My Soul so we let it roll. I'm all for it. Sing to those dry bones, little buddy!

Everlasting Jesus. A hidden YouTube gem. A mom and her 3 year old wrote it together. (Insert all the heart eyes.) There's just something sweet and simple to this. Throughout the day I find myself humming it, which to me shows the anointing is on it. The lingering effect is always a trusted test in my book.

Communion. I can't get enough of Maverick City Worship in general. SO GOOD. All of it. But this one has been on repeat for a few months during our mornings.

Promise Land. This is our Dance Around the Living Room Song. It's folksy. It's prophetic spontaneity. It's raw passion. It's great. Oliver and I roar, and pull out invisible swords, we stomp and we yell and beat pots and pans and strum his guitar. It's a great "warrior song" for all ages. (*I usually start at about 3min for Oliver's attention).


Pizza Party. I'll always be a fan of puppets and Oliver is currently obsessed with this one.

Freeze Dance. This is great to teach "stop" to a wiggly toddler.

Apples and Bananas. The first time Ryan and I saw this we were cracking up with the animation.

For All My Days. One of our favorites from Gateway Kids. It encourages me and Oliver loves the colors and dancing.

We Will Go. I love the culture of this song and how precious and powerful are these kiddos?!


Acoustic Disney. This is great for working background music. Plus, it's a subtle way to add some Disney magic wherever you are. (You know how we love our Disney in the Cirkles home.)

Celtic Music. Just to switch things up I'll put this on from time to time. Nobody seems to enjoy it as much as me, but I think it's fun.

Big Band is my favorite for hosting. (There's a jillon of these playlists on YouTube. I selected this just by random. For parties I usually would do "Big Band Instrumental" )

Italian Music. Great for cooking or date night ins.

La La Land. Every summer I seem to come back to this one. It's just a fun one.

***We also have a spotify "Musical" playlist that we LOVE and frequent often. But I couldn't find something similar on YouTube to link. Alright, we'll stop there. Just a friendly reminder that music is a great tool! To add pep or peace, just put on some new tunes. Happy Listening, Abby ***Don't forget... The Cirkles are cheering you on!


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