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Hosting A Weekly “Sabbath” Meal

Updated: Apr 3, 2022

Something that’s been impactful to our family this year is our weekly sabbath meal. For us it occurs every Friday. We probably could call it simply “Family Meal” because it’s not a very traditional sabbath, but it’s our own way ”to stop and savor His goodness” and that’s what Sabbath is so beautifully rooted in.

I’m sharing because this has been such an easy thing that’s made such an impactful difference for our family. I hope this encourages you to make space to sit and savor with your family.

For us this is what our “Sabbath Sequencing” looks like.

We Light a Candle!

We start with a blessing of gratitude for all God has provided that week for our family. This seems to be a great way to distinguish Sabbath meal from the rest.

We remember that Jesus is our light, and we are “light people”. Our family expels darkness and reveals the glory of God.

We Feast!

In our house that means a family favorite that nobody whines about. Sometimes it’s grilled cheese, sometimes it’s a fancy salmon meal. Regardless, this is something I know my kids will go “Yay!” when they see it. No new recipes happening on sabbath meal day.

We also do a dessert. We don’t do desserts or sweets with the kids so this once a week treat is really big. The goal for this meal is DELIGHT!

I’d love to say we use fancy China and lay out a beautiful table scape, but we don’t. Maybe we’ll grow into that but for now it’s normal plates, spilled milk, and lots of crumbs. And guess what, His presence is in the middle of that :).

We Bless! We end the meal with Ryan and I laying hands on our children at the table and speaking an intentional blessing over them.

Sometimes it’s specific scripture, other times simply from our heart.

We Sing! We go to the living room and party! We each pick a song (so four total) and with our fisher price maracas, tiny guitars and usually a drum set created by Oliver, we fill our home with praise. It’s typically fun and lively!

*Enjoy this “real life” example of just how not polished this experience is. But I do believe it is powerful!

We are so blessed to still be in a season where we eat every meal at the table together. But I know the days ahead may not hold that luxury. Practices, meetings, and events seem to fill the calendars of many families and as a result empty the table. I challenge you to do your best to set aside a “Sabbath Meal” or “Family Meal” at least once a week to slow down and remember the faithfulness of Jesus with your family.

**** For more Sabbath content here is a three part series dear to my heart.

He is faithful! Abby

*Don‘t forget…The Cirkles are cheering you on!


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