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LIVE : The Birthday Binder

Happy birthday to the newest project launch : The Birthday Binder!

I personally, have a parent heart for preserving. And yet, I find my notes are scattered and splattered in a jillion different half used baby books, personal journals, and random notes on my phone. If I could have ONE place and ONE time a year I know I could keep up in a meaningful way.

Thus an idea was born!

“The Birthday Binder" is a no pressure place to prompt you with special moments that you’ll be grateful to have in the days to come. Here's what you'll find inside:

  • Yearly Interview Questions

  • Milestones : Achievements and Adventures

  • Celebration : Presents and Parties

  • Special Traits : Things about you right now I never want to forget

  • Birthday Blessing: A Special Prayer on Paper

  • Promises : Heaven Sent Hints

  • 20 Year Divider Pages

  • And more

The pages are thoughtful, yet minimal by design, so you can print, add, and cultivate celebration memories uniquely.

The template style is made with heart, but a lot of repeat space. And since you'll be doing most of the writing a lower price point seemed fair.

My dream is to have "The Birthday Binder" be a tradition in your home, where you can print and add pages as needed.

Just to clarify, this a digital product. Once purchased, you will have a file that will allow you to print and create a binder on your own that will fit your family best.

Thank you for cheering me on by considering this $6 purchase. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your family's special moments.

Cheers to Celebrating,



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