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May The FIFTH Be With You

A whole hand! Our boy is almost five and the celebration has begun!

With newborn season and post holiday stamina we decided a small party was best for our family bandwith for Oliver's 5th birthday. (Did you know you have permission as parents to do things differently from year to year and kid to kid?) Oliver selected three friends, picked a park, we ordered a cake, ordered an Amazon decor pack and called it at that.

It was a little chaotic at first, we had to swap parks, and chase kids, and embrace cold weather. (So just know every party has it's curveballs). But it ended up being so fun to watch Oliver play with his buddies.

Here's a look into some of the fun, incase a Star Wars fan is in your family, or you just love celebrating with ours.

***Just for the record Oliver hasn't seen all the movies, but he has become immersed in characters and plot through a children's bedtime storybook. And even though some creatures are "out of this world" creepy and there are battles and villains, the symbolism to build upon is such a great tool. We talk often of how "the light always wins". However, as with all things media/stories, you must do what's best for your unique child's maturity and personality. Please don't take this as an all call endorsement on Star Wars. Thank you for this intermission, back to the cute content 💚

May the FIFTH be with you,




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