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My Word for 2024

There is nothing magical about a new year.

Equally there is nothing life altering in itself in a single word.

However there is purpose hidden in every year and a power within focus.

When I prayed about what this next year's focus was I heard the word POSTURE.

It seemed odd at first but I'm already seeing significance be uncovered.

Posture : physically. As in, stand up straight girlfriend. I already slumped as it was from years of sitting at a desk in school and work, but a season of breastfeeding hasn't helped. Good posture not only makes you instantly more feminine, in my option, but it's really important for overall health. So posture physically is a focus for me in 2024. I'm doing stretches and exercises to help me in this area, retrain my muscle patterns but I'll take any advice if you have it!

Posture : spiritually. Do I approach the throne of God in humility or with a haughty heart? Do I stand tall in authority in Christ, or do I slump in a defeat that's not my portion? I want my heart posture to be pure before the Lord.

Posture: creativitly. I love to write! When I pressed pause on my career in content creating for full time motherhood I wanted to keep my skill active, thus this blog was started. I have been consistent weekly for years now and have over 300 blog articles to show for it. But in many ways I feel like my words are white noise in a very cluttered online world. The motivation to keep writing has weaned significantly. And yet, I'm reminded that I do believe I've been given authority in words : written and spoken. I believe my word has value, enough to add some prices to some of them. So this year, I'm standing confident that I do indeed have quality resources to help peoples' faith and families.

With that being said, this year, I plan on pushing out some new projects (small and big) for sale. Teachings and trainings, organizational tools for homes, guides for hearts, etc. So thank you in advance for cheering me on in these endeavors as I start to roll out more things with price points on them.

Posture: emotionally. Am I walking in a constant state of frenzy or in peace? I want my posture emotionally to be stable, calm, and Christ-Centered.

So in 2024 I'm standing up tall in truth, in confidence, in authority in Christ. Perhaps you could join me? May our posture please the Lord.

Postured in Peace,




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