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Our “Hard Work Hike” Experiment

As a family we are going all in on building our “hard work is good work” muscles.

We’ve learned through a few various situations, our kids (ahem… and myself) do very well with visual tracking of goals. Nothing motivates us more than being able to add a sticker or check off a box.

So as we were approaching the new year Ryan got the idea of a family goal tracker for our home. We have themed it “Our Hard Work Hike” and the concept is to journey through a pretend hike path along the way. Little by little, as we tackle home projects together, we will color in our “stepping stones” and progress our hike to the finish line. We write and date the completed task on the back of the poster.

We concluded our Sabbath meal this week by designing and decorating our poster. We thanked God for the home we have been given and asked Him for wisdom and grace to steward it well. We want a home that is restful for us and others.

“Hard work”, in this experiment, is anything outside of daily expected house chores and anything done by at least two people, to reinforce the team concept.

This is a way to help us be intentional to teach our kids how to practice household managment skills as well as help the mindset shift from “Mom is the maid” to “we take care of our home as a team”. (I have found that I have brought this upon myself as I try to knock things out as the kids are playing or sleeping)

Our first family project was washing all of our outside windows as a team.

It started raining so we did it soaking wet, which added to the family magic.

I’ll be first to admit, if you and your family doesn’t bend whimsical and extra creative this may be an exhausting extra step. The poster, the upkeep, the hoopla can be a little much. HOWEVER, for us, adding and an element of fun really motivates adults and kids alike.

It’ll be a fun experiment to see how long it takes us to get to 100 and to watch our skill sets grow along the way.

Blessings To You and Your Home,


*** Don’t forget… The Cirkles are cheering you on.


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