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Prehistoric Preschool : Frozen Dinosaur Rescue Activity

Updated: Oct 24, 2021

If you were wondering… we are still over here doing all things dinosaurs.

My toddler boy can’t get enough, and I’m getting quite the education.

I can’t say this is an original idea, but I can’t seem to decide where this concept came from. The idea is to freeze items and then as your child pours warm water over it the items appear. We have since come up with lots of methods: dunking, chiseling, sunshine melting, etc.

We did this with Dinosaurs in ice cube trays (along with pom poms because I had them at an arms reach). But you could do any little figurine and it’d be a fun ”rescue mission”.

My toddler has requested this every day for a week so I figured maybe it’d be a fun activity for someone else too.

This didn’t seem very “blog worthy” but I figured it’s added joy to our world, and some “low maintenance, high joy” activities may be a blessing to you and your family too.

Happy Frozen, Free, Fun Adventures,



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