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She’s here! Welcome Claire!

November 6, 2023 Claire Elise Cirkles made her entrance into our world! She truly is a "pure promise of God" just as her name means.

Thank you so much for all of those who have been praying for us. The delivery and recovery has been our smoothest yet. (Other than nursing cramps that have been quite a doozy this round ).

This week has been full of smitten siblings, newborn cuddles, dirty laundry, sleepy eyes, generous meals (including our first sabbath meal as a family of five) and family time as we adjust to our new normal.

Here's a peek into our world the past week.

*A special note about November 6:

I enjoy using a five year journal. This is a special journey where you write a small sentence entry every day to be able to look back to see what has happened through the years. As I looked at Nov 6, the entry from 2022 brought tears to my eyes.

"Negative test. So many tears and disappointment. // "Your faith and fertility are not defined by man made tests. My timing is perfect."

You see one year ago I was dripping with disappointment from a conception journey much different than the ones we had experienced before. As well as healing from a second miscarriage. I vividly remember this Nov 6, 2022. Sitting on my bathroom floor staring at another negative pregnancy test, tears streaming down my face, confused and hurt and yet saying aloud "Bless the Lord, oh my soul, and all that is within me bless His holy name." I had trained myself to bless the Lord no matter the situation.

That's when I heard the Lord whisper this to my heart :

"Your faith and fertility are not defined by man made tests. My timing is perfect."

Goodness it was a promise phrase to grab! I became confident that in God's timing, in His way, this story would be His. (Out of this came lots of faith and promises I wrote about in this guide, if you happen to be on a similar journey of waiting or weeping)

I went outside and saw a double rainbow! I knew this was a wink from heaven that a miracle child would be given.

So to fast forward one year to the day, for Claire to be born on November 6 is something only the Lord could pull off. To be able to write another entry directly under the first that says "Claire is born! Thank you Jesus for a fulfilled promise!" is such a God thing. He's so kind.

So yes, we are over the moon in love with this little darling! She is a promise and picture of God's goodness and we are so grateful to be able to love and cherish her!

Thank you for celebrating with us! Here's a link to our Babylist registry that's still live 🩷.

God is ABLE,

Claire's Mama (Abby)


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