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Solitary Update : InstaLive during #Covid19

My favorite screen-shot of the night. Ryan - "Man I feel old squinting to read these comments." We laughed about this moment all evening.

Hello friends! Typically we gather here each Sunday at 7pm for life updates, lessons, and thoughts. However, with all the solitary going on in our home and globe, we decided to shake things ups and do an Instagram Live as a means to connect. I had every intention to post that video here on the blog, however my phone didn't save the footage. So, for those of you who caught on to our spontaneity, thanks for joining! We hope to do more of them in the future. It was DELIGHTFUL to enjoy the company of so many of you. Oliver showed us his favorite "ow-sigh" (outside) and teeth brushing skills, Ryan did a live tasting of an Israeli baked good he attempted, and I talked about how baby girl still needs a name and lots of pink things. It was very casual and we giggled afterwards at how bad and "unprofessional" it was. But the reality is, during this time, we don't need polished and professional, perfect hair or scripted lines, we need friends and family who will enjoy life with us just the way we are. Overall we are doing well during this quarantine, but we do deeply miss friends. Even Little-Miss-Homebody (hi there) is starting to feel the void of company. We are so grateful for the time the Lord has sovereignly carved out, but are also equally hopeful to see a bit of light at the end of this tunnel. We were created for friendship. Even God exists in a triune company (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit)! If God needs accountability and company, how much more do we? So, be a friend, reach out. Try something new like Facetime or an Instalive. We all need each other a bit more these days. Next week we'll jump back into some regular blog rhythms, but let this be a good reminder that shaking up the routine here and there might be a nice breather in our solitary season. Cheering you on, The Cirkles


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