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Strife is No Small Thing

This season has been the sweetest gift of friendship with the Lord for me. He has wooed my heart again into new places and I'm deeply grateful.

Sharing secrects, giving miracles, revealing desires, healing wounds, and amplifying conversation; Oh how I delight in calling Jesus friend, brother, and King all at the same time!

To hear His whispers and know that somehow His divine gaze has chosen me, brings me to tears in the best way. He chooses me?!

With that being said, one thing He's shown me again and again is the importance of the small. So much so that I've called the past few months, "My season of small".

It seems Jesus has zoned into the tiny places and things in my heart and life, and I'm learning more than ever He actually finds great value in it! He's a big God with a passion for detail.

I say all of that to encourage you to lean into the little! In the tiny flutters of hope, the special song that pulls up a chair in your heart to communion with the Lord. The little phrases that don't seem large yet grieve His heart. The nudges, the unctions, it all matters!

Let me share a practical example:

My children got in a disagreement and exchanged a seemingly innocent exchange. They were definitely upset but it didn't seem too big of a thing to me. I corrected them gently and redirected them.

Moments later, I sent a text to a dear friend quoting what they said because I found it cute.

"You know you're a Christian homeschool kid when your insults are "xyz"" I sent to her.

This childish exchange was SO pure and innocent in my eyes, and it gave me a tickle that the worst name calling they could come up with was this silly phrase.

As I pressed "send" on that one sentence message the Lord whispered, "we take no delight in strife."

I quickly paused and repented. I prayed for my children's hearts and friendship, and I replied to my friend, "please ignore that message and forgive me for making light of strife."

It seemed like such a small thing. A simple sentence. But where I saw the tiny pebble, Jesus saw the giant ripple. I am SO grateful He is my steady shepherd and continues to trust and train me.

The examples could go on and on, but I felted prompted to share this with you tonight.

Don't grow weary of doing good.

Don't look over things, both good and bad, as "no big deal". If the Lord is bringing it up it's because it does matter.

  • He really is proud of the tiny disciplines no one sees but you and Him

  • He really does care about the little attitudes and wounds in our heart.

The way is narrow and His heart is seen by the pure. Let's keep going in friendship with the Lord together.



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Oct 10, 2023

Is that the verse in 1 Corinthians 13, where it says "we take no delight in evil"?

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