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The Girl Coming To Our World!

Approximately two minutes after finding out we have a little girl on the way, I dashed in to find a dress. I couldn't pass up this little blush striped dress with matching white scalloped cardigan.

In case you missed the news on social media, we found out this week that we are having a GIRLl! We are so excited!

Due to COVID-19, Ryan couldn’t be in the ultrasound with me, so we asked them to put the results in an envelope so we could open it together.

Here's our reaction:

Ryan and I both felt the Lord promise us a little girl, for our family, so the reality that she's on the way (clearly) is very exciting! We have already received so many words and scriptures for our sweet daughter, and are eager to prepare our hearts and home for her September arrival in the days to come. We do not have a name picked out yet; although we have many girl names we love. We believe names and meanings are so important, so we're continuing to pray and listen for the Lord to tell us more about this sweet treasure in my womb to finalize on the perfect name to match her personality and destiny. I'm, personally, already swooning over the expensive and expansive industry called "Baby Girl Clothes". It's a good thing I'm prudent in nature, however we'll see if that changes in the days to come. (Ha!) Thank you for your continual prayers for our sweet daughter, and my body throughout this pregnancy. Jesus is so kind to give us the best. Celebrating With Lots of Pink, Abby ***Don't forget, The Cirkles are Cheering You On


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