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The Text That Stopped Me In My Tracks

Updated: Apr 30, 2023

Last week I received a text from a friend I hadn't heard from in a while. Just seening her name pop up on my phone brought a smile, then I read the words and it stopped me in my tracks. There was no big news or ground breaking information in this text. It was a generic "Just thinking of you!" Followed by a typed out prayer of EXACTLY what I prayed in private moments before. And that is what was so amazing to me! The encouragement of the Lord rushed in my home through a simple text! Whoa! It was so kind of the Lord to encourage me in this way at this exact moment.

Following that text the next few days I had even more "just thinking of you!" "praying for you" or "grateful for you" texts. They were so timely and encouraged me greatly! It took under a minute to read and yet it BOOSTED me with such faith! I was amazed how the gifts of the spirit (gift of encouragement, gift of faith, gift of words of knowledge, etc) were being used through text messages!

It made me pause to think how many times throughout my day the Lord brings someone to my mind. A song will strike a memory, or a conversation will bring up a name. And how easy it would be to send a quick text or prayer to encourage them and yet how often do I simply smile or ask myself "I wonder how they are doing?" and move on.

Here's what I'm reminding myself of. I have given my life to Jesus and I believe I am filled and led by the Spirit of God. This means that the drifts of my thoughts very well could be the Lord. As a member of His body we get to be love and hope to a hurting world. How often, does He drop someone in our head so we can minister encouragement to them and yet we disregard it as a simple thought?

Let's pray our thoughts to be guided by The Holy Spirit! Let's believe that we really hear His voice! Let's be quick this week to send a text or an auido message prayer. Nothing is random or accidental to God and He is very good at taking our simple and using it for much.

Praying For You!


*Don't forget the Cirkles are cheering you on!


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