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20 Things I'm glad I did in my 20s

Updated: Nov 14, 2020

My 20s was packed with adventure. I'm ready to run into my 30s for more!

Tomorrow (November 9) I turn 30. Another year of life is to always be celebrated, however the dawning of new decades always have a weightier feel than others. I am so ELATED to dive into my 30s. I am excited about new dreams and goals, and so proud of what has been accomplished and enjoyed in my 20s.

Top personal highlights : - Earning a Bachelor's Degree [Sic' Em Bears!]

- Traveled to 12 countries [Especially special was my studying abroad season at Oxford University and 10 day European adventure with Ryan]

- Special ministry moments at Discovery Camp

- Launched a teaching course []

- Became a wife [I love you Ryan!]

- Became a mother [I love you Oliver David and Eleanor Lee]

In my reflecting I've created this list to possibly encourage some other 20 year olds. Some might be more personal than others, or gender specific, but you are welcome to reminiscence and learn with me.

20 Things I'm glad I did in my 20s: (In no particular order)

1.Trusted Jesus.

[He is the perfect leader and never leads me astray]

2. Sharpened my habit of morning conversations with the Lord

[Kept me consistent in a VERY life defining decade]

3. Polished my passion

[For me that was to earn a degree. For you it may be investing in a masterclass, taking an internship, or going to a conference]

4. Learned the art of buying double of necessities

[You will never not need toothpaste, shampoo, deodorant, and toilet paper]

5. Vacationed with friends

[Makes for the best memories while you are still in similar seasons.]

6. Moved out of my parents house

[There is nothing wrong with living with your parents. Especially mine. They are fantastic and we have a gorgeous home. But it helped me "grow up" in my mind... and I think in their mind as well.]

7. Lived with roommates

[On that note, living with roommates helped me widen my worldview and prep for marriage in living with different personalities and preferences than my own.]

8. Tracked my cycle

[Hope this isn't TMI but tracking my cycle (I use Ovia app) really helped me understand my body, moods, and made marriage/motherhood season a lot smoother. ]

9. Invested in the triple black

[Coat, Dress, and Heels. With this good quality trio, you'll be ready for any professional or celebrator occasion]

10. Saved my money

[I am so happy I had a savings account and was disciplined to save a little each paycheck. It taught me good money management habits and ended up being a blessing in our marriage, allowing us to travel, give, and live in a way we probably couldn't have otherwise our first few years of marriage. ***My friends faith, sacrifice, and Mr. Budget went a long way in this department]

11. Learned the practice of sabbath.

[I'm not perfect in this but learning how to rest and recharge has saved me years of stress and burnout. Spoiler - you will never not be in a busy season]

12. Create a yearly calendar for birthdays

[I have a note on my phone with birthdays and anniversaries of family and friends. These dates never change and it's super helpful to have those to plug in every year when I fill out my calendar.]

13. Committed myself to a local body of believers

[There are GREAT online church services, podcasts, and books, but there is nothing like the accountability and strength of being a part of a local body.]

14. Expanded my friend group to different races and generations

[I must admit, this was done very unintentionally, but now that I look back my friends who come from different skin and different decades have ENRICHED my life.]

15. Created a "Words from God" document

[It takes a lot to make into my "Words from God" document. It's more than just encouragement, but promises God has given me or I've received from others have a home. I love being able to see the document grow.]

16. Took time to write

[From journaling to Thank You Cards to my yearly reviews [blog on that here], I'm grateful I have paper trails of thoughts and life moments.]


[All caps for a reason. I would plan trips out months in advance to save, and never regretted time in different cities or countries]

18. Bought a hard drive

[Computers change and I honestly don't trust "The Cloud". Having a hard drive for all my papers, pictures, and important documents]

19. Growing with family

[Re-learning your parents and siblings as an adult is a huge experience. I'm grateful for time, conversations, grace and moments we all have had to allow each other to "grow up" and "grow in" to new roles.]

20. Married my best friend

[Definitely the highlight of my decade and a highly recommended action-step.] Whatever age you are, I challenge you to make the most of every breath God has given you. I am so excited about the gift of another decade. To pour into motherhood and pursue a specific deep dream is top of the list for me. (Spoiler- hoping to add "Author Abby" to the resume), but I'm so excited to listen and obey for another decade. Grateful for Life, Abby ***PS - Don't forget... The Cirkles are cheering you on!


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