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Babymoon Travels #CirklesTheGlobe

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

A few weeks ago, the impossible happened. Ryan and I got away (safely), just the two of us. We had a lovely 5 days in Asheville, North Carolina, and although not the original plan, it turned out delightful. Back in February, Ryan told me that he had been planning a special trip for me in May. A birthday/babymoon adventure to my top US bucket list destination.... Boston. (My 30th birthday is in November but I'll be busy breastfeeding a 2 month old, and chasing an almost 2 year old, so April really seemed like our only realistic window). Well... with COVID-19 we had to cancel our trip. I was ready to scratch 2020 travel off the list, but Ryan was determined to make it happen. He hired a travel agent who was so kind to give us safe options. We chose Asheville for its plentiful places for nature, fresh air, and drives, and historic hotel option. (The small airport was a plus too)

I was VERY uptight traveling pregnant with COVID, and leaving Oliver for 5 days, but after prayer and having peace we loaded up on masks and wet wipes and took our leap of faith. Because our marriage matters and we needed this. (Although I cried the whole night before leaving Oliver. Goodness that's hard.)

Now a month later, I am so grateful we "went for it". The celebration and needed rest was worth it. We laughed.

We talked.

We dreamed about the future.

We ate incredibly good food.

We fell in love in new ways.

I had a spa day.

Ryan played his best round of golf ever. (84!)

I had uninterrupted times of tea, journaling and dreaming of my next decade. (So pumped about my 30's!)

Ryan had uninterrupted times of me :) (Motherhood has taken my focus a bit. As discussed here, in "More Kissing In May", it was a good chance for me to remember I'm wife first and mother second.)

Overall, it was glorious.

Here are some pictures and favorites from our trip, in case you plan an Asheville Trip in the future.

Hotel : Omni Grove Park Inn.

We splurged for a mountain view and also got a golf view. It was stunning. Morning sunrises with my Bible, and watching Ryan play golf while I read was really exactly the birthday/babymoon fun I needed. ***If you love history, this hotel/resort is worth your list. It has hosted 11 presidents, various authors and inventors, and the old decor feels like a museum.

Yep, that's Ryan. Talk about dreamy views :).

Favorite Activity : Biltmore Estate This place was MASSIVE. I did my best to keep up, but my pregnant belly only could last for the estate and garden tour. It's worth the ticket and could easily be an entire day.

Favorite Food : We had amazing meals all around by our two favorites were...

Ryan - White Duck Taco Shop [He got the "Bangkok Shrimp Taco", "Jerk Chicken Taco", and "Bulgogi Beef Taco".

Abby - The Freeze

Ice cream is my favorite dessert and I had some every day on this trip. It was my birthday trip after all :) Taking the lead was the "Blueberry Cream Pie Ice Cream" from The Freeze. (It's similar but better than my favorite Bluebell Southern Blackberry Cobbler Ice Cream)

Favorite Adventure : Waterfalls

Asheville has so many gorgeous drives and hikes. Although the hikes would have been ideal, it just wasn't realistic for me. So instead, we picked up some famous Hole Doghnuts (DELICIOUS) and did a scenic drive, stopping at a roadside waterfall.

A special thank you to: -My husband, Ryan who pushed me into this. I didn't want to go for it, but he was so persistent that 30 years and 2 babies was worth a celebration. Thank you for cheering me on and pursing me well.

-"Cuppy and Grandma" who rearranged schedules to tag team and take care of our sweet Oliver.

- The sweet friends who prayed for us : peace for my mama heart, protection for our bodies with COVID and pregnancy, and FUN for our marriage.

-Caitlyn Gambino, our travel agent who helped us plan and enjoy. []

More Travel Adventures Coming Next Week, Abby

(Spoiler - We took Oliver on a "Big Brother-Moon" and the pictures are adorable. Make sure to subscribe to the email list so you don't miss the cuteness).

***P.S - Don't forget.... The Cirkles are cheering you on.


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