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Declarations To Pray Over The Men In Your Life

Updated: Jun 19, 2022

Words are powerful tools. They can build and break, slice and sharpen, create and comfort.

I learned early in marriage that my husband and now the father of our home, had many words swirling and spoken over him and in him day to day. I created this list of prayers, based on scripture, to declare over him. I believe it makes a difference.

These prompts say “Husband” but you can fill in any title you’d need. His love and promises are for us all. I also pray these over my son, and even my dad, brothers and father-in-laws by name.

It takes me about 2 min, but wow! It truly helps me remember who they are in Christ! I pray this builds faith and fruit!

  1. My Husband loves Jesus and hates sin.

  2. My Husband hears the voice of the Lord clearly.

  3. My Husband is a man of passion and purity in every area therefore he sees God.

  4. My Husband sees people and situations through Jesus’ eyes.

  5. The Holy Spirit is in My Husband and is leading him in every area of his life.

  6. The Holy Spirit is working on behalf of My Husband, connecting him with the right people for kingdom purposes.

  7. Boldness is in My Husband’s spirit, mind, and actions.

  8. The Father’s heart is filling My Husband’s heart with identity, truth, and affirmation.

  9. My Husband’s heart is hungry and humble.

  10. My Husband is a paymaster for the kingdom of God, and he is receiving supernatural provision today.

  11. Peace is My Husband’s umpire, and He is making the calls of My Husband’s life.

  12. Supernatural authority is My Husband’s inheritance, and he walks confidently in what his Father has given him.

  13. My Husband is a man of faith, who trusts fully and obeys quickly.

  14. My Husband is a holy man because he is God’s man.

  15. Grace is escorting My Husband into the presence of God today.

  16. My Husband is fluent in the gift of prophecy, wisdom, knowledge, discernment, healing, faith, tongues, interpretation of tongues, and miracles.

  17. My Husband is alive and sensitive to the things of God.

  18. My Husband’s gifts are growing and shining, drawing sons and daughters to Jesus.

  19. God has given My Husband supernatural zeal for His Word, His Son, and His people.

  20. Joy is My Husband’s secret weapon, bringing victory to every situation.

  21. The thoughts of My Husband are being defined and sifted by the thoughts of Jesus.

  22. My Husband’s kingdom assignment is being made clearly known right now.

  23. My Husband evangelizes boldly, pastors lovingly, teaches clearly, prophesizes accurately, and sees apostolically.

  24. The fire of God is burning away what needs to be gone, and refining that which is true gold in My Husband’s life.

  25. My Husband is a builder of the kingdom of God, and every material He needs spiritually and naturally is paid for and provided by Jesus.

Men of God, you are so loved by God!

Women of God, our words make a difference, so let’s speak life.

It Is Well,


***Don't forget…the Cirkles are cheering you on!


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