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A Strawberry Celebration For A Very SWEET Girl

Our sweet girl has officially turned two!

So much could be said about our Eleanor, but some of my favorite discoveries this year have been :

  • Hostess Heart : Eleanor loves making people feel loved and taken care of. Family, friends, and stuffed animals will be checked on and offered water around the clock by our sweet girl.

  • Silly and Spunky: Eleanor is our living baby doll with the bluest of eyes and blonde hair of fairytales. But don’t let her petite princess frame fool you. This girl is a firecracker in the best way! She keeps us laughing and learning.

  • Music Loving Songbird : Eleanor is an early riser and does so with a song in her heart. She picks up on lyrics quickly and truly comes alive when music is heard.

I am eager to see what will unfold this year of her life and pray she continues to grow in wisdom, favor and stature with God and man.

Our weekend was filled with favorite foods, simple delights at home and finished the the finale with a small celebration. We had a lovely lunch celebration with a few family and church-class friends. We went with a picnic strawberry theme complete with wiggle dance breaks and lots of pink.

Decorations are Amazon, cake H‑E‑B, and dress vintage 🥰 Keeping faces out for privacy sake but a huge THANK YOU to everyone that sacrificed time and invested love into our girl.

Eleanor, I couldn’t dream up a better daughter if I tried. You are a treasure and gift! We love you forever!

Eleanor’s Mama,


***Dont forget…The Cirkles are cheering you on.



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