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Creating A Family Creed

We see in scripture that God used words as a framework for everything else. Words are the tools and currency of the Kingdom of God. In the same idea, words can be VERY powerful in your family. When I was newly engaged, I asked the Lord to teach me about who "Abby Cirkles" was going to be. A new name, and a new identity is a sobering reality. In my situation laying down my maiden name was a big deal. It carried legacy, security, and great weight to my reputation. Although I will always have Burchfield in my blood, part of the marriage process is to "leave and cleave" to a new family that the Lord so delicately and intricately forms. I wanted vision on what this new Cirkles unit was going to be that Ryan and I were creating with the Lord. I knew in entering marriage I would become a wife and mother and was making choices and speaking the framework for the "Abby" I am today.

Without a blink the Lord gave me a creed. (He gave it to me in acronym form. I love that Jesus knows I'm a teacher at heart and speaks to me in that way.). I remember tucking it away in my journal and heart knowing that this collection of phrases would be a pillar in my future family. I prayed this creed over myself in those first few months of marriage as I was navigating so much new. It steadied me when so many identity parts where moving and became an anchor for me as I was figuring it all out. Then when pregnant with Oliver I prayed this over him every day as the Lord was forming Him in my womb.

It's not incredibly profound or poetic, but it means something to me because I believe it was from the Lord.

Our Cirkles Creed : (I'll type is out as I would pray it over Ryan, myself, or Oliver) You are a Cirkles, you are a:

Child of God. You are

Important to the Kingdom of God. You

Recognize the voice of God, and the voice of stranger you don't listen to. You are

Kind to yourself and others. You are a

Leader and a learner. You are

Excited about the Word of God and the things of God. And you are

Set apart and spirit-filled.

Pretty simple, right? Nothing too flashy, but these words have become cornerstones in our home. Now don't get the wrong picture. This isn't recited everyday like a pledge of allegiance before we walk out our door. Honestly, it's said here and there as the Holy Spirit prompts it. But having a framework as a family is a powerful thing. I'm sure the list will grow and this creed might change throughout the years. But for now, this has been a great tool to create the culture we want to see attached to our family legacy.

Here's some ideas for you to do during the holiday season and the beginning a new year.

  1. Create a family creed with your spouse or children. It doesn't have to be an acronym. It could be one sentence, a collaboration of thoughts, a list of scriptures special to your family, or even a song.

  2. Add creativity to your creed. I have it on my to-do list to make our creed into a print for our home. (Canva is a great tool for those of us who aren't as talented in the photoshop department and yet want that graphic touch). You could write it on a poster board or canvas and have your young children decorate it with beautiful art. You could turn it into a music video. You could make it into a book with homemade illustrations and read it every night. The ideas are endless.

  3. Say it like you mean it. There are no magic words that will poof produce perfection in your family. However, the Bible says that faith comes by hearing (Romans 10:17). So the more times you hear these truths, the more you'll have faith to believe it.

Here are some buzz words of family values to get your wheels turning :

  • A family of diligence!

  • A family that honors well!

  • A family of creators!

  • We make and give money abundantly!

  • We walk in honesty!

  • We bring joy everywhere we go!

  • Our home is a house of prayer!

  • Our home is open to others!

  • Our home is a place of laughter.

  • I love what God loves and hates what God hates.

  • I walk in courage.

  • I am fully loved by God.

I don't want to give you too many ideas because I want you to dialogue with The Lord and with each other. But hopefully those get your creative juices flowing and faith sparking.

If you aren't married yet, you don't have to connect this creed to a name, and you don't have to wait until you have a family. You can craft some thoughts and prayers, and start speaking life to yourself right now! If you are empty nesters, you can dream again and get vision for the next phase of your life. Words are eternal; there is no expiration or due date on prayers.

The Lord has blessed our family tremendously! As you see all of these lovely photos and read these words of faith, I hope you see the goodness of God. We are in no way perfect, but I do believe we are living in "the land of the Living" right now! Each day He grants us with fresh mercy and fresh joy to love and live for Him. It's amazing to partner with His words and agree for His best in our family. I would LOVE to see what your family values or stands for. If you do this activity please tag me on social platforms so I can celebrate your Family Creed with you and perhaps share it to give other's ideas and inspiration as well.

Speaking LIFE and JOY over your family, Abby ***Don't forget, The Cirkles are cheering you on!


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I love this! My oldest son will be 13 at the end of the month 😭😢 but I’ve been wanting to give him a special gift that he will treasure forever. You’ve inspired me to do this with his name! Thanks for sharing.


LOVING THESE FAM PICS!! I love the way the Lord speaks to you! So beautiful! Love you guys!

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