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We Have An Exciting Announcement!!!

"Attention World! I'm going to be a BIG BROTHER! That means Mommy is growing me a BEST FRIEND!"" - Oliver

Yes! Yes! Yes! It’s true! We have a baby on the way and we couldn’t be more excited! Oliver is going to be the best big brother and buddy and we feel so blessed that Jesus would trust us with another child to love and lead!

Because I'm sure the questions will come, let me tackle a few here:

Was this planned?

  • Yes. We have always known that once we were going to start a family, it would be full steam ahead! Having siblings close in age is something we really desire.

How far along are you?

  • I’m 10 weeks and we are in perfect peace and faith. We’ve already had an ultrasound and heard that strong heartbeat and saw our wiggly baby.

How are you feeling?

  • I‘m feeling great and grateful. I‘ve been extra tired and have had more nausea this pregnancy than last, but overall doing well. My appetite is pretty minimum these days, and mandarin oranges have been the craving of the pregnancy (thus the announcement picture). I don’t feel the same “glow” I had with Oliver, but I love being pregnant! I really mean that. It’s such a privilege. Walking through a previous miscarriage, and holding the hand of so many friends in the pain of infertility leaves me so honored to relinquish my figure and freedom for the sake of growing a miracle baby.

Are you going to find out the gender?

  • Absolutely! We’ll be totally thrilled with either a boy or girl, and I have no hunch either way.

How far apart with this make Oliver and his new sibling?

  • Oliver and baby will be 20 months apart.

"Being a Big Brother takes a lot of strength. I better stock up on these oranges." - Oliver

If the Holy Spirit puts us on your heart anytime the next few months, would you mind praying in these specific ways?

1. Healthy baby; healthy mom.

Life is such a miracle. SO much weaving and wiring is taking place right now. Please pray with us for baby’s development and my body along the way.

2. Ryan’s expansion of fatherhood.

It's no secret that Ryan is a phenomenal father. But being a father is a huge responsibility. Yes, I am carrying a lot (quite literally) but sometimes I think the dads get left out of this process. He's balancing work, trying to get time in with Oliver, and giving grace to his pregnant wife. There are emotions and decisions and as the head of our home, I ask that you pray for him.

3. Oliver’s big bother transition.

we are believing that even right now the Lord would build a strong deep friendship with Oliver and his new baby sibling. Also, pray that he would remain a phenomenal sleeper throughout this pregnancy and especially in those newborn first weeks when we are all getting settled.

4. Perfect provision.

God has always provided more than enough for us. We are believing He will continue to do so and we stock up on baby gear, clothes, and diapers... again. :)

5. Safe delivery.

Jesus is my Good Shepherd and I trust His leadings fully. He's connected me with a wonderful doctor, whom I trust. I am believing for a supernatural VBAC (Oliver flipped last min and I ended up with a c-section for a breech baby). I will be so grateful to hold a happy healthy baby however he/she comes, but a successful VBAC would be an extra wink from Heaven.

*(If you are a mom who has had a VBAC I'd love to hear your thoughts/experience)

"Oh I just can't wait! We're going to have so much fun together! When will my baby sibling be here?"" - Oliver

Overall, we feel such a surge from Heaven in our assignment and role as parents. It's a holy call. We know that having "2 under 2" will have it's challenges, but we truly believe it'll also have it's rewards. Thank you in advance for all the comments, clicks, and celebration. It means so much! I hope you'll continue to stick around to watch our journey (and family) continue to grow.

Smiling Ear To Ear,

Abby ***Don't forget, The Cirkles (party of 4!) are cheering you on!

"7 more months?! I better have a snack while I wait." - Oliver


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We are sooo happy that you arehaving another beautiful blessing from our Father. Love Esther &Mack cervera


Wil and I are excited for all 3 of you :)


I'm super excited for you'll.

I delivered my 2nd child by

c-section. My 3rd baby was a natural birth.

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